Against human trafficking

If human traffic for many people is just a topic for debate and conferences, for us the phenomenon is a daily reality. Whether it’s about girls forced into prostitution, human trafficked in European countries to practice theft or begging, whether it’s about people brought from the northeast of the country, seized and forced to have sex or demeaning work in richest counties in the country, are all realities we face.
Every day we are notified of new cases, in our shelters geting new victims for which we must find solutions for the future.
You must understand that a program for victims of human traffic does not refer to a scheme that applies to all victims that we host.
We work with real people who have thoughts, needs, fears, hopes …
Basically for each beneficiary we need to reinvent a bit, because each one is unique in his/her way, even if often they have gone through similar histories.
But what gives us the power and strength to continue to work are the successes of reintegrating these people in society.