Far from having a uniform and equitable sharing of justice

It is not the first time writing about romanian justice. This time it seems that we are dealing with a mockery, not to call it lack of accountability and professionalism. Thursday we went again with our minor victims in Pitesti. At 11.45 they entered the courtroom. Here, the first surprise. The representative of the GTR, the social worker with whom they live and which have delegation to present to the process was not left in the room!. And the surprises continued. The trial lasted until late, after 17. In the hall, in front of the girls five detained traffickers and in the hall one more who is still free but under survelliance. Without any moral support, face to face with those who stole their dignity and sexually exploited them … They where put to recognize the traffickers and the traffickers had the freedom to question them … That’s the Romanian justice? It’s shameful and deplorable what happens in a country where reports of trafficking are feeling the TV channels. We have a justice with regional standards, shall be judged in a way completely different from Pitesti and Timisoara. We are far from having a uniform and equitable sharing of justice. We are far from wanting to fight against trafficking and to condemn those who maintain it. We are very far.

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