Loverboy movie watched by the girls from GTR

When I watched the premiere of “Loverboy”, together with victims of human trafficking in our center, we did not expect to have such an impact. But now, after almost four months, at the invitation of producer Daniel Mitulescu, we had the opportunity to participate in launching the film in Timisoara. Although our victims were different, reactions were the same. Many of victims recognized themselves in the story of Veli. They thought that they have found love life but found themselves in a nightmare that has left deep wounds, brought to the stage of object, it has shaken confidence in the outside world an in themselves.
After the end of the movie was a session of questions and finally director thanked those who pay their effort for the movie, between those even the GTR Team that was mentioned by Daniel Mitulescu. Later Daniel introduced our girl to George Pistereanu, who made photos with together with them.

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