OFII Director visits Timisoara

At the GTR office we welcomed important guests. Both yesterday and today we had important guests from France, a delegation lead by Mr. Arno Klarsfeld, OFII director from France. For more than four hours, we discussed yesterday about the projects which OFII runs in Romania through GTR, we assessed the current situation, taking into account the reactions in the press regarding the Roma behavior and we made future plans.
This morning we went to see one of the projects that we have in Timis county namely in Sag. Till we got there with the French authorities, the press representatives got therebefore us and their “guns” were reclaimed on the poor Roma, only that they didn’t make them run away.”As if we killed someone”, told one of the ethnicity representatives. For the Roma people it was incredible that so many people came there for a good thing. This exactly has happened; both we and the press went there to show them that it is possible. We have to show that Romania is not known for the gypsies who steal and beg abroad, but for the ones, who earn honestly their daily bread in Romania, when they have the chance to do so. A practical result of the OFII director’s visit in Timisoara is his promise to approve other 80 projects for the voluntary repatriated Roma from France, projects that will be run in Timis, Alba, Hunedoara, Arad and Bihor county.

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