ONGfest as we have seen it

 We were yesterday in Unirii Square from Timisoara to see the ONGfest. Although we have to admit that we were invited to take part at the event, we refused to register our association at the event, considering the fee for participation inappropriate. And if I look over the declared concept of this project which desires to be “a promoter of public participation, of charitable and voluntary behavior , but also an opportunity to bring the NGO’s in the attention of the community/large audience, moreover I think that no fee should exist. Of course that it was a pleasure to meet the participants at the event and we have to congratulate them for the quality of the offered materials. We can blame the weather, to identify it as an excuse, but I think the main reason is indifference. The citizen’s indifference can be seen everywhere in this city. We are used to blame only the authorities, whatever these are, omitting the fact that the involvement as citizen in a democratic society is compulsory.

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