Programs for Roma

Roma Program was started in 2008. Then the French Social Service partners have been asked if we can deal with Roma returned home through voluntary repatriation program and to whom The French Government wanted to give microprojects that would ensure decent living in Romania.
What is it exactly? Nothing easier. French authorities go in the fields of nomads in France and asks people there who wants to return voluntarily in Romania. Those who decide to come back home , recive at the airport a sum of money from the French authorities and later for some of the money micro-projects are developed in Romania. We say that just some of the money because there are some conditions that must be fulfilled for the grant to be approved.
The first condition is that the recipient doesn’t go back on the streets of France. The second one is to prove here through behavior that he/her is able to manage a business.
What do we do? At first we talk to those proposed by the French government for funding to see what do they want to do exactly . What idea do they have. Then we draw up a feasibility study. we discuss with the decision figure in the area where the beneficiary comes from, with social services of Hall, with local police …
We try to make everyone understand that they must put the shoulder at work to transform a person from a social assistance case in a character who stands on his feet and is a small business owner.
We are the ones who assure the bank transfers for the assets to which the beneficiaries will become owners and we also are the ones that provide monitoring of the project.
We know that everything the we wrote above sounds very technical, but largely these are the agreements terms.
What is not seen on paper is the effort that is submitted for each beneficiary in part. Hundreds of miles cross remote places, hundreds of phones calls answered to explain some of whose troubles that don’t necessarily are of our expertise. Often we face the suspicion of both the authorities and especially the Roma themselves …
But we get passed everything. The most enjoyable moments are when we get evaluation visits of our partners with who we go into the field to see if the things are going as planed.
By now projects are completed on dairy farms or meat farms, sheep and village shops and small buildings.
We can say that even if the projects for Roma before 2008 proved to be a fiasco, at least those that we manage in work.