Village of Hope II

Social services center from Recas is a public-private in partnership project. After more than five years we recived the building  after years in which is has only consumed huge financial resources, without actually beeing used.
We got there for the first time with representatives of American Embassy in Romania. Together we found that the fence was painted outside and inside was … disaster. We were in front of a building for whose renovation the American state gave money too. But couldn’t quite be seen where they were used.
Together we decided to get involved. We brought with us even an American partner, Bob Gass, who agreed to refinance  the center from Recas for it to become useful to children in need.
Slowly, depending on the money we receive from the States and after discussion and the agreement of the financier, we are changing the face center. So far we have managed to introduce gas, heating system and we bought for the functioning of heating boilers. I took rooms in a row and we poured screed, laid flooring, painted … We changed all the windows, replacing old windows with double-glazed windows. We rebuilt from foundation baths, the kitchen, the rear wing of the building which was gonna fall anytime …
For a craftsman the work described above are not few, but you have to say that there is still much work to do untill the center can operate at full capacity.